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Who are we?

  • Public and private 2 and 4 year college career counselors, advisers and coaches
  • Career development faculty
  • K-12 counselors and teachers
  • Professional school employment counselors and coaches
  • Vocational school counselor and instructors
  • Career counselors and coaches in private practice, non-profit and religious settings
  • Professional resume writers
  • Government employment professionals – federal, state, city and military
  • Counselors and job coaches serving special populations
  • Outplacement counselors
  • Human resource professionals
  • Life coaches

Each of us have our own areas of specialization. A vibrant state chapter gives us a connection to others where we can share opinions, discuss options and learn from someone whose expertise is in a different area – which we could find ourselves needing.  Join our group on LinkdedIn – Arizona Career Development Association.
We are currently accepting membership applications. It is our goal to have a ballot of officer candidates by mid-July and the new Board starting terms in mid-August.

Phoenix is the site of this year’s NCDA annual conference,
June 21-23,

Plan to attend. We are looking forward to meeting you.


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