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Amazon Alexa review

Amazon Alexa is a mobile app used to set up Amazon devices, listen to music, create shopping lists, and many more. It is available for free on Android and iOS and has more than 50 million downloads in Google Play.

Design, interface & usability: Cozy Interface

Amazon Alexa is an app for your home with a corresponding design. The app is very comforting and relaxing with its dark backgrounds and illustrative images representing most features. The user interface is also great as it allows you to quickly switch between different tasks and easily find the necessary features. Despite the app offering lots of features, it is pretty comfortable to use thanks to the menus' proper structure. Amazon Alexa is split into several main sections, where all the features are sorted logically, and the voice assistant may guide you if something remains unclear.

Features: Everything in One Place

Amazon Alexa is probably one of the most useful apps in terms of features. First of all, it includes the Alexa voice assistant to help you with everything from weather to controlling your devices. The second amazing feature of Amazon Alexa is that the app is a hub for your smart home devices. You can control everything from smart speakers to thermostats and lights with only one app. The app is logically integrated with Amazon devices and enhances the user experience by adding exclusive features. There are also lots of additional features in Amazon Alexa: you can create shopping lists, make voice and video calls, play music, and more.

Security: Averagely Secure

It is well-known that Amazon treats the security of its clients seriously. In August 2020, an independent research found a big security flaw that allowed hackers to access personal information and even control Amazon Alexa users' devices through malicious Amazon links. The flaw has been fixed immediately, but the security is on a decent level for those who are careful online.


  • You won’t probably need all the additional features
  • The security depends on your awareness


  • Supportive and user-friendly interface
  • Lots of features for your home
  • Great compatibility with Amazon devices

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 5

Security 5

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