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Among Us review

Among Us is a multiplayer game for iOS, Android, and Windows by Inner Sloth. The game was initially released in 2018, but in 2020, it became phenomenally popular on TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube due to the lockdown. Today, this title is played by millions of people worldwide, so it’s high time to try it out. Among Us is available for free on mobile and for a modest price on Steam. 

Graphics and Sound – 8/10

It’s hard to call Among Us a game design masterpiece, but it’s a memorable game. Today, it’s forced all across the internet, so everyone easily recognizes it. The entire look and soundscape of the game were created by Marcus Bromander, a talented game designer. He invented these small astronauts in colorful spacesuits, and now they’re amongst the most popular meme characters ever. The game's soundscape may seem generic, but it has already become a base for multiple cool remixes. 

Controls – 10/10

Among Us controls are quite easy to master independently from the input type you are using. The mobile version supports both touchscreen and controller input, while the PC version can be played with a standard keyboard setup and any compatible controller. 

Gameplay – 10/10

Among Us is a third-person game with a top-down perspective. Every match involves 4 to 10 players, one of which is randomly assigned as an impostor. If you get this role, you can hide in vents, plan sabotage, and kill peaceful astronauts controlled by other players. Impostors have to kill as many characters as possible or destroy specific objects, depending on their current location. Peaceful astronauts can summon everyone to decide who’s the saboteur and vote to kill the one who’s the most suspicious. 

Lasting Appeal – 10/10

All the matches in Among Us are quire short but never feels the same. Playing with different people is exciting as they all behave individually and you never know who’s the real impostor. Both peaceful and aggressive roles are exciting to try and master. 


  • Unique gameplay concept
  • Easy to learn the rules
  • Online team play with random people
  • Free on mobile


  • The PC version is paid
  • No cross-play feature

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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