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Google Classroom review

Google Classroom is an educational app developed by Google. It offers many features to organize the studying process and is available for free on Android, iOS, and desktops.

Design, interface & usability: For All Ages

The app is designed both for students and for teachers, and Google made it comfortable for everyone. Teachers can easily learn how to use it, and students will be able to comfortably view the learning materials and contact the teachers.

The interface is perfectly structured and not overloaded at all. It is easy for students to navigate through their subjects and materials, while for teachers, it is easy to control their courses and check the homework they receive. The app does not offer a wide range of features. Still, it is very user-friendly and does a great job in properly organizing the studying process, especially within remote study conditions.

Features: Basic but Useful

The feature list of Google Classroom is not very wide, but they all serve the app's organizational purpose. The teachers can upload and structure the materials within their courses, communicate with students, check homework results and conduct surveys.

The students can scroll through their courses, take part in the mentioned surveys, learn the materials, contact the teachers and hand in their homework results. The app offers a comfortable platform for teachers and students to connect and the basic features it offers allow the users to save some time on organization and information delivery.

Security: Teachers Have to Learn

When it comes to security, Google is always serious. However, with Google Classroom the security mostly depends on the teachers as they are the ones who configure the courses and set the access settings. There were several cases of unwanted logins in the history of the app, but there were no major data breaches or personal information links.



  • The security is mostly up to the teachers


  • The app is user-friendly both for teachers and students
  • Google Classroom helps a lot with organization and communication
  • The students have all their learning materials in one place

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 5

Security 5

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