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Google Home review

Google Home is Google’s proprietary smart home assistant application for iOS and Android. It’s designed to let you get control over the entire network of compatible smart gadgets around your house and yard. But is this app a worthy alternative to similar offers by Apple and Amazon? Read our review to figure it out. 

Design and Usability – 5/5

Similarly to other apps by the software giant, Google Home has a straightforward UI design. Due to this, you can navigate the app quickly and get what you need in seconds. Intuitive controls make it easy to adjust multiple devices one after another and explore their features without the need to waste time reading complicated manuals. 

Key Functions – 5/5

With Google Home, you can interconnect all the compatible smart devices in your house or apartment to be able to control them from any room in the house. That’s an amazing time-saving feature for busy houseowners who don’t have time to go around the house to switch and adjust all the needed gadgets. The app is compatible with hundreds of high-quality sound systems, lighting, thermostats, security systems, TVs, WiFi routers, etc. Controlling features are available for you to use, not only via your home WiFi network but also remotely. The server remembers your hotspot information and lets you turn devices on and off even when you’re across the ocean. 

Media features let you stream music from your favorite applications directly to multiple speakers or stream shows right on your TV via Chromecast. Eventually, the app will learn your routines and offer quick-action buttons to make recurring things faster. 

Security – 5/5

The app is protected with end-to-end encryption to avoid breaches in your connected home security system. That’s why you can trust this app and use it as a comprehensive smart home controller. Before choosing to control your smart home via Google Home, you should make sure that all the gadgets you want to buy are compatible with the app and your WiFi router. 


  • Some updates are messy, so read reviews before updating
  • Connection issues occur sometimes


  • Thousands of compatible devices
  • Easy to connect and control various gadgets
  • Excellent content streaming capabilities
  • Works remotely
  • Secured connection

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 5

Security 5

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