Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V review

GTA 5 is the latest chapter in the famous series of crime action games, Grand Theft Auto. The game balances between arcade fun and realism astonish with the number of unique missions and offers full freedom of action. You can either follow the explosive narrative or have fun messing around with one of the characters. The latest edition is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Graphics and Sound – 10/10

GTA 5 was initially released in 2013. It’s quite old, isn’t it? Surprisingly, it remains one of the best-looking games in history. Proprietary graphics and physics engines perform amazingly well and render a beautiful environment and realistic physical interactions between the player and the game world. The sound design in GTA V is also great. Everything sounds natural, thousands of dialogs are voiced by professional actors, and the live radio makes driving around the map even more exciting.

Controls – 10/10

The controls in this game have been significantly improved since GTA IV, so driving and shooting feels much better. You can switch between different aiming and driving modes. This lets you make the game more arcade or hardcore if you wish. 

Gameplay – 10/10

In this GTA chapter, you return to Los Santos, the fictional region from GTA: San Andreas. This take, the action takes place in a huge modern Californian city. You play three new characters instead of one. Michael and Trevor are tough criminals who decide to make a loud comeback into the business. They take young Franklin, a talented driver, into the team and start planning a century crime. Each character has a bright personality and unique skills, which make playing each of them very exciting.

Lasting Appeal – 10/10

It takes over 80 hours to complete the entire storyline with main and side missions. Beyond that, you can roam the large map in any direction and mess around with the police and pedestrians. If you want more, try downloadable story add-ons and GTA Online. Both options will grant you with many hours of extra gameplay. 


  • Incredibly detailed game world
  • Over 80 hours of pure story-driven gameplay
  • Adjustable difficulty
  • Stunning visuals and physics
  • Hollywood-level storyline


  • Still unavailable for Switch

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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