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Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

Hello Neighbor is an innovative action horror game in which you can compete with an advanced AI-powered enemy and solve various quests on your way through the tangled storyline. Here’s a brief review of the main features of this game by Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild. 

Graphics and Sound – 8/10

Hello Neighbor features a unique character and environment design. It seems that game designers wanted to achieve an illusion of exploring a child’s recurring colorful nightmares. And they did it! The whole game is so deceptively bright and colorful but unsettling at the same time. Bypassing every corner is scary and exciting due to the overall atmosphere created by visuals and the soundscape. 

Controls – 8/10

The game requires you to spend some time to get used to the controls as they’re designed to make the gameplay as challenging as possible. On the other hand, there are different input types available. You can choose to play with a keyboard and mouse, a controller compatible with your platform, or on a touchscreen if you play on a mobile device. 

Gameplay – 9/10

Hello Neighbor gameplay features are classic stealth-action mechanics and various creative puzzles. You play a boy who lives in an average suburban neighborhood. One day, he notices that his neighbor, Mr. Peterson, locks an unknown person against the will right in his basement. Nicky is scared but curious, so he dares to sneak inside the house to figure out what’s wrong with the neighbor and what’s hidden in the basement. This appears to be a tough spy mission with lots of dreadful dangers. You’re the only one who can help him to reach the end of the story alive. 

Lasting Appeal – 8/10

The first game in this indie franchise features only a solo story mode, so there’s almost nothing to do after passing through the whole story. If you’re a hardcore player, you’re welcome to test your skills by choosing higher difficulty levels. If you want to embark on multiplayer adventures in the same universe, try Secret Neighbor. 


  • Unique visual style
  • It’s horrifying at times
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Tricky puzzles
  • Exciting storyline


  • No multiplayer mode
  • The AI logic fails at times

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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