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Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free review

Messenger is a communication app developed by Facebook. It is available for free on Android and iOS and has more than a billion downloads in Google Play with an average rating of 4.3.

Design, interface & usability: User-Friendly with Everyone

The design of Facebook’s Messenger is very standard for chatting apps. It is very user-friendly for everyone to jump in and easily learn how the app works. It is well structured, and all the features are always available within a few taps, making it an effective tool as well.

The app is also pretty attractive visually. It looks great and has some customization features built-in. For example, you can change themes of the app or even select different backgrounds for your chats. The fonts are easy to read, and the features are usually presented with illustrative icons.

Features: All You Expect from Messenger

Messenger is a pretty standard chatting app in the industry, and the features are pretty common as well. There are personal and group chats, voice and video calls, voice and video messages, location sharing, and many more. You can also integrate Messenger with your phone to send and receive SMS messages and make calls.

There are also tons of additional features for chats and rooms. You can use animated masks to create short video clips, use polls to interact with the other chat members, use emoji, and many more. There is even an option to watch videos together with the other video chat members.

Security: Configure It Properly

Security is a major concern for Messenger as it is directly linked with Facebook, and the accounts of Facebook users get hacked a lot. There were many data breaches in which millions of accounts got exposed on Facebook, but Messenger offers some tools for better protection. There is a two-factor authentication to prevent any unwanted logins, so to protect your account, you just have to configure the security settings properly.



  • Security is a major concern for anything Facebook-related


  • Essential features for chatting are implemented well
  • There are lots of fun additional features
  • The app’s design is user-friendly and looks attractive

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 5

Security 5

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