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Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor is a long-awaited multiplayer spin-off of the popular horror franchise Hello Neighbor. In this game, you can fight against evil Mr.Peterson with a gang of friends. Every team member is a unique character, endowed with unique skills, and controlled by a real player. But is this party horror game worth your time? Our review will help you figure out! The game is currently available for PC and Xbox One. 

Graphics and Sound – 8/10

Secret Neighbor shares the visual style of the original game but presents a variety of new details. Level design is still on a high level and lets you look at the game's world from a child’s perspective. Everything looks quite weird like you are inside a colorful nightmare of a kid. The sound design quality is also excellent and lets you dive into the gameplay with your head. 

Controls – 10/10

The quality of controls has been improved significantly compared to the original game so that you could enjoy dynamic multiplayer battles without failures. The PC version of the game supports a keyboard-plus-mouse input as well as any PC-compatible controller. Both inputs have customizable sensitivity and button layouts. 

Gameplay – 9/10

The balance of the multiplayer mode still needs balance improvements, but the game concept is great. You can choose one of the characters to possess a particular set of unique skills and master them. Independently of your choice, you can be randomly assigned to be the Neighbor in disguise! If such a twist occurs, you have to pretend that you’re an ordinary player and do everything to eliminate your teammates one by one. But be ready to meet vigorous opposition! 

Lasting Appeal – 10/10

It’s very interesting to master each character from the roster and develop new strategies for team play. You never know who plays the Neighbor when the match starts, so emotions are always very strong. At the same time, it’s so fun to play hide and seek with friends! 


  • Unique multiplayer setting
  • You can play the Neighbor
  • Multiple unique skills for each character
  • Exciting team play mechanics
  • New locations


  • There could be more modes
  • No storyline

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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